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NewsAre You Worried About Buying CBD Online?

Are You Worried About Buying CBD Online?

Worried about your CBD product? Misleading labelling, false claims and exaggerated CBD content.

With a market flooded with chancers trying to cash in on the CBD market many consumers are being misled, often unintentionally, by poor labelling, but more increasingly intentionally with false claims. Some companies sell ‘Hemp Seed Oil’ claiming it has high levels of CBD when in fact there is only a negligible amount in the seeds of the hemp plant. CBD and the other cannabinoids are present in the flowers not the seeds. Amazon and eBay are flooded with these ‘counterfeit’ products despite neither allowing the sale of genuine CBD products and it doesn’t stop there. Recent random independent testing has identified many products claiming to have CBD in, when in fact the level was far below the declared amount and in some instances the products did not even contain CBD.

So how do you find a reputable company selling high quality products that you can trust?

Well here at Completely Naturoil we have everything we sell tested by independent third parties. We publish the laboratory reports for each product on our website and many of our products carry a QR code that when scanned with a smart phone takes you directly to the report. That is the most important first step in buying any CBD product – check for a third party test report. Check the company name is present and check that it relates to the product you are looking at. Many sellers out there are creating fake reports, so why not google the laboratory name on the report if you are unsure or call the laboratory to ask if they carried out the testing.

Our second tip is to check the label. The thing about CBD is that it is measured in milligrams (mg) not millilitres (ml) so any percentage can be misleading. When you reach for a paracetamol you do not look for a 10% paracetamol you look for the mg, be it a 200mg or a 500mg tablet. Supplements show the protein in grams not percentages and we believe that labels bearing 5% CBD or 15% are confusing. Why? – Well they don’t give you the information required to help with dosage and you often have no idea how much CBD is actually present. If a product states how many mg are present then it’s easy to establish how many doses are in the bottle. A 500mg CBD oil can provide 10 doses of 50mg or 50 of 10mg CBD. The label should tell you what each pump, spray or capsule contains and that way you can effectively manage your supplement routine.

CBD and the many cannabinoids available are a wonderful supplement but as with all emerging markets there are people looking to make a quick buck. We are not allowed to make health claims by law so don’t trust a company that does. We think that if they are happy to break the law they will be happy to lie to their customers.

Follow these simples rules and make sure you always do your checks before you buy. That way you will receive the product you pay for and can be confident in your purchase. You could always visit our store in the knowledge that we guarantee our CBD products and have already done the checks for you.

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