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NewsCBD is a Serious Business

CBD is a Serious Business

CBD is a Serious Business

When was the last time you had a headache and thought; “you know what – I think I will grab a packet of pain killer sweets. No never and why is that – because we do not associate health, wellness and fitness with a bag of jellies. So why when we are striving for consumer confidence, regulatory acceptance and a robust industry do some companies feel the need to package Cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids as confectionary.

We all get it, there are two competing interest; the legalization of cannabis and the right to get stoned against those of us who don’t want to get high but realize the real benefits from cannabinoids.

The two sides are blurred in the middle and that is not good for the consumer, the industry or the future of both sides. We need to clearly define what we are doing. Yes edibles are popular in the ‘weed’ community and also cannabinoids but we are looking to a new consumer and there in lies the danger.

We all know that we cannot make any medical claims and that the evidence and information is out there for anyone who wishes to find it – but why are so many companies trying to confuse consumers. Tea bags, coffee, gummies, chocolate – the list is endless.

But why? – Well I tell you why; to make a quick buck.

Regardless of the established qualities of CBD and the 113 other cannabinoids it is patently clear that having an expensive cup of tea with minimum CBD content or a soft drink with insoluble CBD are just gimmicks. Yes some will try them but is that what we want? We certainly do not need a plant that has been used medicinally for 1000’s of years being marketed as confectionary to tempt the ‘stoners’, or worse still under 18’s across to our industry.

We should be educating the consumer and at the same time offer professional reassurance. What matters is what type of cannabinoid Oil you are buying. Is it Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Distillate or Isolate? We will be going into each of these in detail over the next couple of weeks.

How can you check what is in your oil, the importance of laboratory reports, understand the extraction processes and how can you avoid the absolute rubbish that is flooding the market. Consumers are being misled with false % declarations relating to hemp seed oil (there is no CBD in Hemp seed oil) and false CBD levels. These are the questions that we need to address.

What we need is education, regulation and responsibility from the industry, not any possible marketing trick to sell low quality and low quantity CBD products.

If a consumer wants to get high that’s great they can go to California or elsewhere where its legal and buy gummy Bears, Candy sticks and chocolate.

If you want to help people by educating and promoting the benefits of CBD Oil and the many other wonderful cannabinoids then get serious. Distinguish yourself and stop dropping a leg in each camp.

Are you selling food supplements, which you wholeheartedly believe will benefit your customers, or just peddling sweets for profit?

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