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Highly Recommend

I purchased this for my Father who is going through a very stressful time. I don't know if it is just coincidence, however within 2-3 days of taking this oil the difference mentally has been staggering. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is going through a stressful time.

Alexis Katritis

Strong for me but great product!

High cbd concentration and a really good product!

Alexander Tanti

Strong enough for me!

Great CBD product with high enough concentration for my needs! Thanks

Jack Cron

Good product!

One of the products that I use in combination with the cream.

Michael Don

Extraordinary Capsules

I use these capsules always before going to bed. You should do the same if you ask me!

James Dane

Always in my pocket!

A CBD products that I always have in my pocket! Perfectly matches with my vape oil!

Amadeo Morandi

Wow! Wow! 3000mg of CBD!

I put one more WOW here! Was looking for such a CBD tincture weeks now!

Miguel Matis

Go for it!

If you are new to CBD this is what you need! I hesitated initially but it's truly amazing.

Anamaria Anc

Tastes real menthol!

I love vaping and I love CBD. I combine both with something that tastes like real menthol! 100% fav CBD e-liquid.

Mike Col

Fav CBD e-Liquid

5 out of 5! 10 out of 10 for the flavour! Nicely done guys!

Albrecht Detlef

A good CBD product for my needs

Not too low and not too high quantity of CBD. I need to have a few more weeks of try out to give a more comprehensive review.

Katerina M

Best CBD Capsules in the market!!!

I use them for 8 days now and they helped me in various ways! It's sad that as I was told I can't say how they did due to regulations! Thank you guys!

Agner Aks

I want to try them all!

I vape almost 3 years now and I had in plans to add some CBD on my vape juice. These 100mg beauties are my favourite and I will definitely try the 300 as well.

Panagiotis Katr

CBD Vape loved!

I bought it after speaking with a friend in Greece. This Heizen is my favourite one. I have also tried the strawberry. Highly recommend it!

Noor Mia

Definitely RECOMMENDED CBD products

0 THC. 3000mg of CBD. I wanted something strong to be honest. I have a perfect match here people!

Konstantinos Taris

Top cbd product.

Ordered it in Greece and the delivery was fast. Very helpful if you get in touch through email. The product is exceptional.

Sorina Adrian

Laboratory test and no thc

Was looking for something that I can see the test. And also I didnt want to have thc at all. This product seems very nice so far.

Pedro Palo

Strawberry magic!

Tastes like real strawberry. Using the 100 for a month now and it's good for me!

Tim Lan

My CBD vape favourite

This product is my favourite CBD e-liquid. Quality 100%! And quantity!

Francesco Lem

No THC and high CBD

I was looking for such a product some time now. This one rocks!

Laura Stan

Best Capsules in the market

My favourite CBD products so far! Highly recommend it!


Recommended company good service

Helpful guy on the phone as I was ordering from Cyprus. Arrived very quickly and I love the quality.

Jo Maynard

Brilliant Caps Highly Recommend

I tried some of these from a friend who had bought them in the UK. I ordered from Oz and they arrived within a week pretty amazing service.

Pete Reay

Was using the 50mg but the 25mg works just fine

Great capsules. Used the 50mg for a month and after 3 weeks I could really see the benefits. I dropped down to these at 25mg and they are doing the same job. Be prepared to drop your dosage and try it ... thats my tip.

Tom M

Great Great Product

This is a truly amazing product.


Top Notch

100% Recommend this product I use it for my knees.

Paddy O

Love it!

Great company and top products say no more...


Great product, speedy delivery and no complaints.

As I say great product. Laboratory testing too.

Javier Dant

The best in Zero THC line

I love this product! Will soon jump on the full spectrum ones though! Just from curiosity.

Adelina Mten

Good product to start with!

This was the first CBD product I tried. Top quality but quickly moved in the 500mg one! I recommend it if you are a beginner! Cheers

Corentin Fleur

The only tincture I need!

Thank you so much for this product! Easy to use and definitely does the work!

Ant Marriot

Really good capsules

Don't normally bother with reviews but I've tried so many other products I thought I would make the effort. Best CBD company yet. Fast, efficient, well done. Great pills.

Baz West

Better than the Isolate crap out there

Unusual to find a full spectrum balm. Works great, top quality and I recommend it.

Kristoffer Kn

Super Quality

The best capsules that I found out there! Solid cbd product! One month now and I'm not changing them.


Good Cream - and it Works!

This is probably the sixth cream I've tried and I'm sticking with this one. Very high quality and it does go a really long way as you only need a small amount. Works for me in about 20 minutes. Good work CN.

Sheila G

Nice Vape with a cool flavour

Vapes great in my MOD and also mixes well with my juice. Great product and comforting having a Lab report. I recommend this company.



Amazing product! I smoked cannabis for over 10 years and have now been off it for almost 9 months. I made the decision to quit as it was making me paranoid and my anxiety went through the roof! I started off using the 100mg strawberry and lime vape but now I’ve moved onto the 300mg and the difference is unreal. Really helps with my anxiety and doesn’t effect my vape in any way! Great job guys, I’ll soon be putting in my next order.



Bought this for my partner as he suffers from anxiety. It has worked wonders for him fantastic product was a bit sceptical at first but all of the lab testing and results was all provided unlike many high street brands and can say it’s really made a difference he sleeps better and says he feels calmer. Highly recommend this product to everyone. Great customer service and very easy simple product to use. I’ve already ordered more for him.

Wilma Sa

Like and Love!

Highly recommended products especially for their transparency in regards to lab reports. Found what I need!

Jan Hanus

Great Vape - better than the poor Quality we get in the U.S

Ordered after a friend brought some back from a visit to the UK. Great tasting and does not clog up the gear. arrived in 3 days - amazing. Working my way through the flavours but this is my standout.

Sander Lars

My precious!

Heard about the company from a friend in UK. Gave it a try and the 3000mg Zero does the work for me! Highly recommend it.


Professional fast Service A+

Great CDB product first time I have used works great in my normal vape pen,can feel the benefits so will buy from again thanks

Jane Thompson

This smells great

Bought for my husband for his joints. Rubbed it on my skin and now I have my own pot for moisturising. Smells beautiful and goes really really far. Better than my £120 creams. Would recommend.



Using vape for REDACTED and coming off REDACTED. Found it calms me and I have had no hot flushes since using it. Tastes nice as well. Would and have recommended to friends.

Jules Gabriel

No THC and CBD good to start with!

I'm concerned about the slightest amount of THC so I chose to start with the Zero THC 500mg CBD product! Satisfied so far!

Soren Magnus

Strong and efficient CBD product

I am really really satisfied of the quality and the results. Thank you

Ben Mid

Vapes really well actually great cloud

Nice flavour and high quality product. Goes well in all devices no gunge or blockages. Good Job

Colin Smith

Better than other oils.

Good taste, good bottle and a quality glass pipette so high quality all round. I would recommend this company.

Ana Sofia

My starting point! Top!

I have started 4 days now taking these capsules! Needs time as far as I know but I already see the difference! Thanks

Panagiotis Lexra

A product in my routine!

My evening routine! Gym - Shower - This amazing CBD Cream - Relax! Thank you! And keep it up!


This does the business!!

Good firm, good product what else can you say.

Andy P

Really nice smell, good texture and it goes a long way - very surprised

Best cream or balm whatever you want to call it I've trie. use it after the gym and boy does it help. 10 outta 10

Molly Ril

My favourite product!

I've been using this cbd vape e-liquid for quite a few weeks now! I wouldn't change it for any other! Well done!

Hermann Otto

I love the flavour!

I'm just starting to vape CBD and this 100mg CBD e-liquids are just amazing. I love the flavour!


Nice oil and great way to take it - no mess.

Cool company when I called the guy he was very helpful. I will buy this again.

Flavio Sto

True natural flavour

I use it in the morning to start my day and that natural flavour is truly there. I will try more of the products definitely!


Cool liquid great flavour

I like this a lot. Good vape and nice CBD content. We tested a few and this wins with all my friends. came really quick too.

Dick Ruby

Nice product. I like it!

Really hits the spot for me and I have the report too so I can recommend this to friends after buying so much crap in the past I am happy to have found this company. Ok its in the UK but shipping is fast and communication is always good.

Josh Clancy

Best Oil I have used by far

Well packaged, well made and quick delivery. Tastes cool and works a treat.

Juan C

Best taste and best results

Great Oil. Now bought another two and quality is very good. I like the report and QR code. fat delivery, good company.

Juan C

Best taste and best results

Great Oil. Now bought another two and quality is very good. I like the report and QR code. fat delivery, good company.

Janney J

Love the taste - great product

Fast delivery and great customer service. Will buy again.

Dominic Rws

Vape it like there is no tomorrow!

Best menthol flavoured cbd e-liquid in the market! 10 stars! 5 extra from my wife! :)

Annie Les

My love!!!

Gone initially with the 100mg but this full spectrum oil is the one that I'm not changing now! Pure quality! And the price affordable!


Strong and Effective!

Reasonable price for 3000mg of cbd. Seems that it's working for me. Strong and effective!

Tony Marquez

Start with this capsules!

Found the 25mg capsules a great cbd product to start with. Though I will move on the 50mg soon! Thanks


Painful Joints

I use this to rub onto my painful knees and thumbs joints about twice a day - it gives me great relief. Only need to use a small amount and a jar of it lasts weeks. I recommend this to anyone with similar aching joint problems. I can even manage a comfortable round of golf for the first time in an age.



Amazing difference in my joints after 4 weeks , recommend to anyone who played sport and suffers like me in older years . Great solution .

Daryl Grant

I'm super impressed

So I finally decided to try supplementing cbd after hearing so much good things about it, and after a few days using Completely Naturoil's products I'm super impressed. Completely Naturoil's relief balm contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that compliment the whopping 500mg of CBD in this amazing balm, really helps with recovery after hard mma sessions

Loz Fowkes

Vape oil is ace

Vape oil is ace, great taste n does the job. Was sceptical about it all but would recommend to anybody with anxiety issues.

Kelly Earl

Excellent quality products

Excellent service and excellent quality products. Highly recommend 5 out of 5!

Derick Nimmo

Marvellous stuff

Marvellous stuff after trying it out after suffering with arthritis for many years I cant believe the difference I feel ten years younger,I can well recommend these oils

Derick Nimmo

Marvellous stuff

Marvellous stuff after trying it out after suffering with arthritis for many years I cant believe the difference I feel ten years younger,I can well recommend these oils

James M

Best tasting product I have tasted

This shit works!!!!!


Amazing results

After having some good results from the vapes that are available, I tried the more ‘potent’ oil. I really have had some fantastic results from that. My anxiety has had to take a back seat and my confidence has took over. It’s been an enormous help towards my ability to sleep, as I’m much more relaxed and genuinely happy. 10/10.

Jimmy Vaper

My favourite CBD Vape Liquid

The flavour is just awesome. I started vaping the 100mg to check how it goes. Great product!


Great taste!

I originally purchased the 100mg for my mother who suffers a lot with arthritis and knee problems which effects her mobility on some days. She was over the moon with the results from this so decided to try the 300mg which she has found so helpful. She has definitely been more active since using and has helped her manage her pain a bit better. Can't stress how well this has worked and would encourage anyone to give it a go too.


Great taste!

This flavour mixes perfectly with the Heisenberg flavour I already use. Have been using for a few weeks now and have noticed that it helps with my (sorry we cannot display this health claim). Great service and speedy delivery, would highly recommend!

John Storm

Amazing Product

From 1 to 10 I would honestly give it a 10! Real value for money and I can tell that it helps me! Thank you!

Joanne Bennet

Smells fabulous

Best cream Ive tried. It works. Great on the skin and smells wonderful. A really high quality cream with lots of thought in it. Try it. Thank you

John dunmore

Best Capsules on the market

Used these for six months now. One a day. Started on the 50mg but I now use them only when i am bad. the 25mg do me just fine. Reliable supplier who packages well and send out fast. Lab reports are always spot on and customer service is great.

Charlie Log

Buy it NOW!

This CBD vape e-liquid is just amazing. Start by trying this flavour first in my opinion. :)

Lucky Star

Reports for the quantity

Nice touch of flavour. Haven’t found something comparable to these vape e-liquids so far. Solid product with reports for the quantity. Congrats.

Peter Neils

Highly recommend it!

I knew that inhaling CBD is the most effective way. Adding on top of that the menthol flavour just skyrockets it. Favourite product. Highly recommend it!


Real value for money!

Value for money. Have tried all of the flavours sold here and Menthol is my favourite. Soon to try the 300 mg as well. No cigarette for over 3 weeks now.


Support plus Quality!

I emailed them and the response was blazing fast. I then purchased the full spectrum 100mg CBD and I have to say this tincture rocks. Low quantity of CBD so great to start with.

Laura Tind

I recommend these capsules!

The brand was recommended by a friend of mine. Not an expert to give a comprehensive review but definitely recommend those capsules.


Good price, fast and FREE shipping

Good price, fast and FREE shipping. First time using CBD and 25mg seems to be working for me. Using them before sleep mainly.

Liam Garm

Found what I needed. 5/5 stars product

Been using the full spectrum oil for a couple of months now. Various things changed on my everyday life. In a positive direction. Found what I needed.

Peter Jake

Zero THC + Lab Report

I am a bit sceptical about the full spectrum tinctures but I know it’s just me. So I prefer the zero thc products so far. Thank you for providing a lab report as well.


Difference in the details

I did quite a lot of research on facebook groups about CBD. What attracted me to buy this product was the availability of its lab report through a qr code. It’s definitely a plus that you cannot find in other brands.

Sofia L84

Give it a try!

Give it a try. That’s my review. You can thank me later. :)

Jimmy Mort

Changed a bad habit

I used to smoke CBD flowers but replaced the habit as soon as I got this pen in my hands. 18% of CBD and no nicotine definitely is the way to move forward for me. Completely thank you!

Major Mouse

Best flavour of the three but they're all great

High quality e-liquid produces a great vape and the CBD is cool as mustard

Athos P

Best flavour I love it

Great liquid. No mess and mixes with anything. tastes great my new number 1.

Peter S

Quite simply the best tasting CBd product I have tried and i have used some stinkers.

Tastes great. QR code works and is reassuring. I bought cheaper in the past but no results. This is the real deal. 10 out of 10. Fast delivery too.

Jamie Westwood

Excellent product. Ive used others that taste crap but this rocks

Good high strength tincture that hits the spot for me. I feel so much better. A bottle lasts me three weeks and I save on the crap I was taking before. Definitely recommend.


Very nice

Very good in moisturizing skin.. I use it mostly at night. Thank you!!!


Jewel in my gym bag

I use the balm after excessive training. This is a jewel in my gym bag. Grab it!



I love strawberry. I love lime. I love CBD. Here we are! Amazing product! Thanks!


Just try it!

The only thing I can say is that I love your products! My review is amended when I try to mention the benefits. Just try it! - From the Completely Naturoil team: 'we are sorry we keep amending your review but we cannot have any medicinal claims on the site. So pleased you enjoy the product and thank you for taking the time to review us'


Just top! Highly recommend it!

An always with me CBD e-liquid that I can mix with my own. Great flavour. Just top! Highly recommend it.

Mary S

Follow this brand!

I am new to CBD so thought of starting as low as possible in regards to CBD quantity. Really satisfied and I think I'll move on to the next level following this brand.

John Nak

Top Quality + Transparency

I personally chose this products because of it's zero THC. Top quality I have to say. I was really amazed from seeing the lab report through a QR code. Pioneers.


Hemp Oil Salve

This Hemp Oil Salve is having a beneficial effect after only one weeks usage. I only apply it once a day and use the tiniest amount. I would recommend this to anyone. Note from Completely Naturoil Thank you for your review. We have had to remove references to specific medical claims as neither we nor our customers can make those on our site. This is to ensure compliance with the MHRA.


Love it! Love it! Love it!

Vaping just got what it needed! Some high quality cbd mixable with everyday vape liquids! Nice Strawberry and Lime touch in the flavour. Love it!


Awesome product

Tasteful with a real effect! Seems I just found a high quality cbd and will stick to that! I love the name Completely Blue as well. Great product Completely Naturoil! Thanks!



Flavour of freshness in just 10ml. It fits nice with most of vape liquids I used so far. No extra money for disposable cbd vaping pens anymore! Completely Menthol FTW! Highly recommend it!


That's what I was looking for

That Completely Strawberry and Lime flavour is one of the best I ever vaped! And the most important is that I can now just mix cbd with my ordinary vape liquids. Thank you Completely Naturoil. Satisfaction level 100%!

Nigel S

Don't bother with the 100's unless you're a starter go for the 300mg

Great liquid no mess no issues and top taste. Hell of a cloud and proper energising effect. Not for use before bed but that might just be me. A few blasts in the morning and I felt great for the day. Love it


Great smooth vape and the wellness buzz I was expecting

Great flavour and a high quality vape. better than a lot of the stuff that costs more. arrived the next day. What can I say - just ordered a batch.



10 out of 10


100% Satisfied

I no longer need to buy each time a vaping pen.

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