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NewsCompletely Naturoil CBD Vape e-Liquids Reviewed

Completely Naturoil CBD Vape e-Liquids Reviewed

All our Completely Naturoil Vape e-Liquids have been reviewed independently by Vape Influencers.

Here is one of the most recent (albeit that we have redacted some of the review to eliminate any medical claims):

I have been taking Completely Naturoil for Vaping, as I refrain from taking tablets, unless directed by my Doctor and I enjoy my Vaping and also understand that it is a much quicker way of getting the effects of CBD into the system, which for this Review, was important.

1 Week in

I took the time to give Naturoil a proper week Review, since this is my first time using CBD or any plant based type product (I tried a joint one time when I was 16ish).
The “benefits” of CBD are widely thrown about on Twitter and other Social Networks, that I was skeptical to say the least!

Pain Management

I am 53 and raced motorcycles in my youth and now the body is telling me that I now have to suffer for my youthful exuberance.
I have these numbing pains in my joints, namely my arms and worse and the elbows, which gets so painful that I squirm while watching TV, looking for the best position to relax.
When I started taking CBD, I completely forgot to squirm on the sofa, as I didn’t feel pain and as I was immersed in the movie, I never noticed that I was pretty much Pain Free and only afterwards, did I realize this, as I started filling my Vape Pen with more Juice.

Sleep Patterns

I am also BiPolar and take medication to help me relax in the evenings and one of the side effects of the medication I take is night sweats and intense nightmares.
The first night using CBD, I fell asleep as normal and woke up fresh and ready for the day, not realizing that I was dry as a bone and relaxed, knowing I didn’t have my usual nightmares.


I have never tried CBD or anything similar, so I dont know if my body took to CBD because its never tried it.
I also took time to try Completely Naturoil CBD properly, so to avoid any Placebo Effect that I may have.
I have read that some CBD is better from this or that company and also worse from this or that company and this is where I am confused as I am not lucky by nature and I feel that I have tried one of the better CBD oils.

Then again, Completely Naturoil did reach out and send me samples and for me, that means they stand behind their product.
I am not paid for this review and I was sent the products for free, as I expressed some interest in trying CBD.
I don’t know if this is the BEST CBD on the market, as I have nothing to compare it with, but I do stand behind the product as it did clear most of my Joint Pain, helped me sleep much better and cleared my brain fog that I didn’t know was really there.

I can honestly say that I don’t think my life will ever be without CBD oil as I need it for what it has given me.
I will come back to Completely Naturoil review a few months from now and update it, as a week may not be enough, even though I did notice a difference, one minute into having my first Vape of it.”

You can read the original review on VapeJuiceTalk forum by clicking here.

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