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NewsHow to Avoid Fake or Poor Quality CBD Oil

How to Avoid Fake or Poor Quality CBD Oil

Although there is news of CBD oil being a cleaner and more convenient, concentrated source of cannabinoids, there is an increasing concern surrounding this sector of the market and industry. There are genuine issues when it comes to fake and poor quality cannabis oil.

Avoiding Fake or Poor Quality CBD Oil

Because the CBD industry is still in relatively early stages, many regulators haven’t yet caught up with production or consumer demand. Unfortunately, this means that fake and low-quality CBD oils have mixed into the marketplace alongside more reputable brands with safe, tested, and verified CBD oil.

By following these tips for researching CBD oil products and brands, you can lower your risk of accidentally purchasing CBD oil that doesn’t match its label or your expectations.

Understanding Fake CBD Oil

If you can think back to when you first started hearing about CBD, it was probably within the last 5 years. The recent CBD boom has been due to a combination of factors: a need for a healthy, all-natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, successful research confirming hemp’s efficacy, the recent lessening of social stigma surrounding hemp/CBD. However, here is more on why you’ll find yourself running into fake CBD Oil products these days.

  • Mislabeled Products – CBD product mislabeling can range in severity, from more negligible instances of improperly labeled ingredients, amounts, or percentages of certain compounds to whether the product contains CBD at all.
  • Poor Quality Ingredients – From organically grown hemp oil and cannabis plants to the types of solvents used in the extraction process, CBD oil derives its purity and quality in large part from the quality of the ingredients with which it’s made.
  • Low-grade Equipment – Similar to ingredients, the equipment used to produce, process, and distribute CBD oil also impacts the quality of the final product.
  • Risky Processing Methods – It’s also critical to know how a company produced the CBD oil product you’re considering buying.
  • Pesticides and Other Agricultural Chemicals – Agricultural producers often use pesticides and other chemical compounds to protect crops from pests or disease, increase yields, or otherwise ensure the crop’s survival.
  • Mould, Bacteria, and Other Microbe Contamination – In addition to pests and diseases, the plants used to produce CBD oil can also degrade in quality due to contamination by mould, bacteria, and other dangerous microbes, such as E. coli and salmonella.

How to Tell if your CBD Oil is Real or Fake

So, how can I know that the CBD vape oil I bought is genuine? If you’re having doubts about your CBD oil or you want to know the clues to spot the right one, then the ideas below would help you.

Check Where the CBD was Grown

When purchasing a CBD product, the first order of business is figuring out where the hemp actually comes from. We advocate for consumers to make sure they’re working with a business that is located in the United Kingdom.

The best way to figure this out is to identify if the company has a website, visit the website and browse to find where the hemp is grown. Once you find where the hemp is grown, enlist a quick google search to identify the farming regulations in the hemp’s country of origin. Here at Completely Naturoil we use three farms all in the USA based out of Colorado, Kentucky and Oregon. Production of the final products takes place in the UK for all E-Liquids and Washington state USA for all other products – you can also view our lab reports online.

View the Lab Results

Every company that has high-quality CBD will have the lab results to prove it; this verifiable proof is shown through Certificates of Analysis (COA). COA’s verify the quality and potency of the product and can be found near the product listing, or by reaching out to customer service. This is why when you buy online with Completely Naturoil we publish the laboratory reports for each product on our website.

Many of our products carry a QR code that when scanned with a smartphone takes you directly to the report. That is the most important first step in buying any CBD product – check for a third party test report. Check the company name is present and check that it relates to the product you are looking at. Many sellers out there are creating fake reports, so why not google the laboratory name on the report if you are unsure or call the laboratory to ask if they carried out the testing.

Beware of Health Claims

Have you ever heard the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”? This is certainly the case with CBD. For example, if a product is claiming to heal specific diseases or cure existing medical disorders – this is a major red flag. The FDA in the US and the MHRA in the UK has warned that claiming CBD can cure major diseases and dysfunctions is strictly prohibited. Any company engaging in so-called “health claims” is grossly out of compliance with FDA standards.

At Completely Naturoil we never disclose any health benefits of CBD Oil, by law we simply cannot make any health claims, so don’t trust a company that does. We simply offer our CBD products to help maintain a more healthy lifestyle.

Find Out How the CBD was Created

In order to transition a hemp plant into a CBD product on your shelf, it has to first be extracted via an extraction method. The two most popular extraction methods are supercritical CO2 extraction and alcohol extraction. Both methods work and are commonly argued about in regard to which is better, however, we always advocate for CO2 extraction as a more clean and effective method. Be sure to do your research to determine which is right for you.

Avoid Fake CBD Oil Products

You’re now well-informed on the things to look for when buying CBD oil. So, if you’ve noticed the absence of any of the ideas mentioned above, then it’s evident that you have purchased fake CBD oil. Therefore, take a cue from the ideas on the list to avoid counterfeit CBD oil products, while getting genuine CBD oil products.