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Which CBD Products To Choose And How To Use Them

We’ve discussed when to take CBD, or more importantly when it’s best for you to take CBD, so the next logical questions to ask are: Which CBD product should you take and how should you take it?

CBD comes in many forms; capsules, oils, tinctures and e-liquids to name a few but they are all different. Essentially CBD is a ‘Lipid’ a fat and as such pretty non-soluble. That is why it is important to consider the various products available. Creams or balms are fantastic for localised application, as a high quality balm will be readily absorbed into the body. A good cream will contain high quality ingredients and hopefully adaptogens (these are specific herbs which have been used for centuries because of their healing properties, specifically anti-inflammatory) to compliment the cannabinoids.

Tinctures and oils are either mixed with a carrier agent; often coconut (MCT) or avocado oil and concentrated extracts are often sold with little or no carrier. These can be mixed into smoothies or with food but are far better absorbed by using the sublingual method – placing under the tongue and leaving there for a least a minute, longer if possible.

Capsules are an excellent method for taking a controlled amount of CBD at regular intervals but even with these it is important to know what else is in the capsule. Always read the label on a CBD product and if there is an absence of information ask yourself why? Another good tip is to never refrigerate your CBD product just store in a cool dark place – the cupboard.

E-liquids are one of the most effective ways of absorbing CBD and other cannabinoids into the body but they are also considered the unhealthiest method of taking the supplement. Typically vaping results in CBD in the bloodstream within a minute and has the fastest effect, which suits many people. Capsules and oils can take between 25 minutes to an hour for the body to absorb whilst balms can be faster acting in many instances.

There are those who like to take small doses regularly throughout the day to maintain a consistent level in the endocabinoid system and this is called micro dosing topping up with 2 – 10mg doses to reach a desired daily intake. Others take a capsule when they feel they need to. Some use a set dosage once each morning and some use only at night.

The type of product you chose is up to you, the time you take your supplements and how you take them is up to you. This is not a one-size fits all solution and we encourage people to take their time and find out what suits them best. Experience tells us that everybody is different and that the best results are obtained by experimenting. Take your time research your product and look for quality, traceability and third party laboratory reports.

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